They say that a picture is worth a thousand words.

As you may have noticed, we have updated most of our photos throughout our website. This is an initiative that we together with our photographer have undertaken as a measure of giving you our followers a richer and more comprehensive experience of our story.

This set of photographs were taken with the clear direction and intent of giving you a more natural and real impression of our first collection. So, in order to reach this goal, we decided upon only using natural light while placing our collection in a natural while timeless background.

Considering that our story has just begun, there will be a lot to tell you. So follow us on Instagram (@beyeneclassic), like us on Facebook or keep track of us on your social media channel of choice, as we will be doing our best of keeping you updated on our journey.

We hope that you appreciate our story and intend to tell you a story that is worth your time and far exceeds a thousand words.



First, leather is a natural product that was once living. This means that it will never be fully consistent. From one pair to the next, the leather will not be the exact same even if it was made from the exact same hide.
Remember that when it comes to high quality shoe-care products, less is more and good results are built over time. By applying too much at once, you can potentially cause damage to your shoes that are equally bad and hard to fix.
When applying any chemical to a product you own, it is always best to do pre-test in an inconspicuous area before applying to the entire surface area.
Conditioning your leather shoes will help soften and moisturize the leather, and protect it from drying out and cracking. Certain types of leather, and shoes worn in dryer climates might need to be conditioned more often.
Every so often, give your favorite pair of shoes the day off. This allows them to air out, which dries out the moisture so the leather lasts longer.
As always, wear brown every day, all day if you want. The idea of class is about how you carry yourself and not about the colors and clothes you wear.

Menswear Sverige på Jungfrugatan 12 importerar exklusiv herrkonfektion från Italien med målsättning att sälja högsta Italienska kvalité av kostymer, skjortor och slipsar mm, till Sveriges lägsta priser.
Med handplockade produkter, fokus på väldigt hög kvalité och en fantastisk service så har Menswear blivit ett av de få självklara valen för dig som arbetar i kostym eller vill vara extra fin på festen.
Vi på Beyene är glada över att samarbeta med Menswear Sverige då de enbart tar in produkter av den högsta kvalité och erbjuder en av Stockholms bästa butiksupplevelser.
Besök dem redan idag för att köpa dig ett par skor från vår första kollektion! Om ni inte har möjlighet att besöka dem så kan ni alltid beställa snabbt och enkelt hem våra skor direkt från denna sida.
Ni finner dem på Jungfrugatan 12, 114 44 Stockholm

So our journey begins.

May 02, 2014

So our journey truly begins..

After an extensive amount of passion, dedication and joy that comes out of realizing a vision. We at Beyene proudly presents our debut collection of Bey One.

The story behind our vision with Bey One started out with the idea to find and capture the right balance between a pair of dress shoes and sneakers. To capture the look of class and sharpness that a pair of dress shoes brings you while preserving the comfort and casualness of a pair of sneakers. Bey One stays true to our vision of casual class and is definitely set to make an impression that will last.

With this in mind, thank you for visiting us and we would be glad to have you join us for our journey ahead. Follow us on the social media channel of your choice and we will make sure you will be in for an impressive journey!


The Bey 

Stay tuned and follow us! News, events and interesting stories will be depicted to show our journey around the world!